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SMA Meeting

May 22, 2017


Karla called meeting to order @ 5:37

Karla amended Agenda to add:

D. Snack bags for the band/choir trip $150.00

E. Registration table for SMA at school registration


Secretary Report- Motion to Approve Kim 2nd Kelly.  All approved

Treasures report

Black Book update: $9102.20  before money was paid to students for this trip.

Suggestion to electronically send sign-ups for workers.  Create a google doc for this.

No treasurer report @ this time.  Incomplete

Kathleen Sweet requested $400 for art supplies for School year 2016-2017

Trip is $775 per student w/ 5 chaperones

Compensation requested for Janet Swanson of $500.  Original request was $1000.  Approximate hrs. put in for speech 40 hrs…practice time 40 hrs.  Motion to approve $500 to pay for Janet as a thank you for speech.  Motion by Kelly, 2nd by Colleen.  Motion passed.

Motion to pay $200 for refreshments for band/choir trip to Rockford this year.  55 kids attending this year.  Motion Kim  2nd Becky

Reminder that scholarships are open for camps this summer for band/choir

Review treasurers report at the September meeting.  Discussion held about having an auditor review our records.  Suggestion to have group and independent auditor look at books. (New business)

Paid $300 to DECCA for National trip

New item September agenda.  Impact to name change and expanding to other organizations

Letter from Superintendent to request donation to sound system.  Total amount for total repair was $52k+.  Motion by Lisa to give $4k to sound system.  No 2nd.  Motion by Kim  to give $5k with restrictions on 10 or less concession stand events to other organizations for 2016/2017 school year.  Kelly 2nd motion.  All in favor motions passed.

Discussion had about limiting events handed out for SMA to other organizations.


Elections of officers:  Motion

Coordinator  Karla

Co-Coordinator  Colleen

Treasurer Lisa

Secretary- Kim

Concession stand  Bonnie

Inventory guru Becky

Black Book Coordinator -  Kelly


Motion to accept ballot as given. Motion Lisa  2nd Colleen.  All in favor Motion passed

Motion to purchase computer @ cost of $519.99 plus the cost of software. Becky.  2nd. Motion passed.  All in favor motion passed

9/9 falls on a Friday

August 1st table at school registration.

New members are needed-put the word out.

Motion to donate $100 to FCS Lisa  2nd Kelli  for food replenishment for refrigerator becoming


Motion to adjourn @ 7:21 pm  Kelli, 2nd Kim  All in favor.



SMA Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2016


Kim Willie called meeting to order @ 5:31 pm

Present were Janet Becker, Kelli Knickerbocker, Eric Shilhanek and Bonnie Hayes

Review October 25, 2016 minutes.  Motion to amend minutes after discussion was held on number of concession events to give to clubs for the year.  Previous number was 10 events, but it was discussed that we are comfortable with 12 events after reviewing the treasury report.  10 was based on not knowing where our account stood and donating 5k to the new sound system.  Motion by Janet and 2nd by Eric to amend the minutes to reflect the change to 12 clubs.  All in favor.

After amended minutes, motion by Bonnie and 2nd by Eric to approve 10/25/16 minutes as stated.

Treasury Report:


Transfer of $6570.29 in to ???

New Business:

Auditing of books.  It has been several years since our books underwent an audit.  I have contacted Sue Meyer and she is ready to do an audit for us.  Motion by Janet, 2nd by Bonnie to set a date to drop off books for an audit.  The band/choir accounts still need to be reviewed by Kelli, Allison and Lisa.  We will discuss @ next meeting when this will be completed.


Replacement Secretary:  Tabled until next meeting

A request has been made to purchase new lights for the stage.  Eric presented his requests for new lights.  To replace all would be 4k.  After discussion, Janet motioned to give 2k and Bonnie 2nd. All in favor of purchasing several new lights and fresnels now, then re-evaluate next year to purchase another set of lights.  Each light is $247.


Mr. McIntyre requested the SMA purchase a bassoon.  We have been borrowing one from Cascade and they would like it back.   Ours is unrepairable.  Robbie had three bids for review.  After discussion, we approved the bid for $3,495.  Motion by Bonnie, 2nd by Kelli to purchase bassoon.  All in favor.


Concession stand security.  We cannot have a single key/lock for this.  We can get this re-keyed and have a specific number of keys to the stand.  6 keys should cover the needs to access of the stand.  Motion to pursue re-keying with 6 keys made by Janet, 2nd by Kelli.  All in favor.


Motion to give Jeff Barker a $250.00 gift card.  Janet made motion, Kelli 2nd.  All in favor.


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