Agenda - Starmont Community School District





November 14, 2017---- Meeting Agenda


Call to order


Secretary’s report-approve October 2017 minutes


Treasurer’s report/Review Cd Maturities




Old Business:

UMGC- Reception October 30th

Chapter Net Update-


New Business:





Younkers Coupon Books- Fall 2017 (November 9-11)-Final count

Non-Party – Bleacher Chairs

Inside Concessions 2018/2019-

DQ Blizzards- do Homecoming week of 2018

Waffle Supper – January 16th – Details on planning



Donor Appreciation –Kids sending handwritten thank you postcards


Donor recruitment-


Open Floor/Questions/ Comments


Next Meeting: *No meeting in December- Happy Holidays!

-January 9, 2018 @ 7pm?

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