PTO Minutes - Starmont Community School District

PTO Minutes


Starmont PTO Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2018

Starmont Media Center 6:00 PM

Present: Bobbi DeLong, Molly Augustine, Stacie Francois, Amy Roach, Meg Gelner


  1. Teacher of the Month

    1. We will be pushing the TOTM to Susie Tjaden. She will be honored further at the Climate Committee assembly.

    2. A sponsor is yet to be determined.

    3. The date of the assembly is April 23rd at 8:35 AM.

  2. Retirements

    1. The list of retirees includes, Sandy Klaus, Joei Hayes, Susie Tjaden, Sue Klett and Maintenance man Jim Walker.

    2. There will be a climate committee Assembly honoring all retirees in May. Date to be determined.

  3. Muffins with Moms is under the direction of Renee Cantrell and we have been informed she has everything under control.

  4. Title I information was read and approved by all people present at meeting.

  5. Staff Appreciation Day

    1. Staff Appreciation Day is scheduled for May 8th.

    2. Food and decorations will be in the elementary and highschool offices.

    3. Stacie will be emailing room parents about baking treats to have placed in the offices on this day.

    4. Beth has tablecloths, plates and snack sized cups. We have plenty of napkins in storage.

    5. Beth is getting prices on meat and cheese trays from Edgewood Locker and Strawberry Foods.

  6. Meeting adjourned


Starmont PTO Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2018

6:00 pm Starmont Media Center


  • Call to order


  • Present: Sandy Klaus, Stacie Francois, Amy Roach, Beth Bries, Meg Gelner


  • Family Fun night

    • We made $2,252, just at the door!!

    • We had a great turn out for volunteers

    • Need to send our inflatables fellow a thank you because he appreciates our school.        He lives all the way in Rochester, maybe we should be sure to help with tear down every year so he can get home.Need volunteers.

    • Jeff Barker was there taking photos for the paper

    • We need a thank you out to Grace Maker (Lisa Pope’s Mom) and Lisa Pope for the bench

    • Total from silent auction: $680

    • Total from donations: $715

    • Total food sales: still waiting for confirmation (est. $400)

    • Ticket totals

      • Target shoot: 283

      • Ring Toss: 436

      • Pong Cups: 398

      • FFA: 243

      • Bball: 133

      • Reaching for the Stars: 166

      • Wheel of Fortune: 74

      • Balloons: 92 (not accurate)

      • Candy guess??

      • TOTAL TICKETS 2220 (88 bags used up on games)


  • We will need more face paint and sponges for next year.

  • Thank yous needed:

    • Teachers, Air FX, Robotics, Basketball, Art people, Lori Keppler, FFA, Lisa Pope and her Mom, monetary donations, Dragon Slayer, Vertical, Kate Pickart, Stacie from IPTV.


  • Briefly discussed our next TOTM sponsor, Muffins for Moms and Teacher Appreciation Day.


  • Meeting adjourned.

Starmont PTO meeting minutes

November 10, 2017

6:00 PM Starmont Media Center


Call to order: 6:05 PM

Present:  Aly “Soon to be Franck”, Amy Roach, Stacie Francois, Beth Bries, Ashley Becker, Meg Gelner

  1. Grandparents Day was a huge success! Well Done!

  2. Book Fair was a success! Well Done!

  3. Donuts with Dad

    1. Donuts have been ordered

    2. We have plenty of bowls and napkins

    3. Coolers will be borrowed from the bank

    4. Stacie, Beth and Meg will be rolling donuts the morning of

  4. Christmas Tree

    1. Sandy will be emailing all of the teachers regarding Christmas tree ornaments

    2. Beth will be putting up the Christmas tree at the beginning of December

  5. Meeting adjourned 6:30

Starmont PTO Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2017

Starmont Media Center 6:00 PM


  1. Call to Order 6:10 PM

  2. Present: Renee Cantrell, Stacie Francois, Meg Gelner and Beth Bries

  3. Reviewed September meeting minutes (never formally distributed)

  4. Room Parents- Stacie is still looking for Mr. Anstoetter's room parent.

  5. Grandparents Day

    1. need 4 volunteers to take money from 10:30-12:00

    2. volunteers may be needed to carry trays for Grandparents.

  6. Donuts with Dads

    1. November 17th, 7:00-8:00 AM

    2. 4 donuts per bowl/ 550 servings

    3. 20 gallons of juice

    4. Stacie will speak with Abbie at Citizens Bank about having servers.

    5. Meg, Stacie and Beth will be rolling donuts the morning of the event.

    6. We will not be asking for donations.

  7. Family Fun Night- March 2nd, 2018

    1. Renee will call Buchanan or Clayton County for police officers this year, as Delaware was a no show last year.

    2. No silent Auction this year. We are bringing back baskets.

  8. Meeting adjourned 6:45 PM


Starmont PTO Minutes

May 11, 2017

Starmont Media Center


I. Called to order at 6:04. In attendance were Katie Bockenstedt, Beth Bries, Stacie Francois, Meg Gelner, Amy Roach and Sandy Klaus.


II. Old Business

A. Teacher Appreciation Day - Was well received by teachers.  Meat/cheese and fruit trays were provided by PTO and goodies made by PTO members.  Were distributed to all three offices.  Next year only do elementary and high school offices (middle school office had not much gone).

B. TOTM May 16, 2017 - Final presentation of the year.  All teachers who weren't awarded TOTM previously were recognized with treats for their class.  All teachers received a book with their nomination slips enclosed.


III. New Business

A. 2017/2018 PTO Officer Elections.  Below were elected:

President: Beth Bries

Vice President: Amy Roach

Secretary: Meg Gelner

Treasurer: Stacie Francois


IV. Next meeting: August 10, 2017 at 6:00


V. Adjourned at 6:20


Starmont PTO Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2017

Starmont Media Center


  1. Called to order at 6:08. In attendance were Sandy Klaus, Stacie Francois, Carrie Thole, Meg Gelner, Beth Bries, and Amy Roach

  2. New Business

    1. FFN Thank You-Beth, Meg, Beth and Angie completed and sent

    1. Muffins with Mom-To be held April 28, 2017.  Mrs. Cantrell and her group will handle all aspects of this.  No SPTO volunteers needed.

    1. Teacher Appreciation Day-May 2, 2017.  SPTO will provide a meat/cheese/fruit tray to each office (Elem - 30, Middle, 20, High = 30).  Beth will prepare a flower for teachers. Other members to bring goodies.

    1. Teacher of the Month - in May will present all teachers with a book including completed student nomination forms.

    1. Field Day - June 1. Will need to provide volunteers

    1. SPTO officer elections to be held at next meeting. Talked about recruiting new members, including having room parents be more involved in SPTO.

    1. Katie (Pickart) Altouse has a game we could use for Family Fun Night next year.


III. Old Business

A. Master Calendar - Sandy presented sample based on prior meeting minutes and what was discussed.

IV. Treasurers Report-Amy Roach

V. Meeting adjourned at 6:40. Next meeting May 11, 2017.


Starmont PTO Meeting
March 16, 2017; 6:00
Starmont Media Center

I.) Called to order at 6:03. Present was Stacie Francois, Angie Vratney, Amy Roach, Casey Wessels, Sandy Klaus and Renee Cantrell.

II.) New Business
    A.) FFN thank you's - Beth Bries is working on.  She should have the most up-to-date list. Be sure to include student organizations.  Renee said an e-mail to teachers or one thank-you in office is fine.

    B.) Muffins with Mom - scheduled for April 28, 2017. Renee said her organization will handle all aspects of this.  Will let PTO know if/what they need.

    C.) Dictionary Project - in the past The Dictionary Project has provided a dictionary to all third grade students  at Starmont.  It has been promoted and run through a local organization (Strawberry Point Grange). This organization is being dissolved and are looking for another group to promote the dictionaries. Citizen State Bank and Farmer's Bank have offered to pay the cost of the books.  Our role would be to order the dictionaries, present them to the class and have the class write a thank you to the banks.  Voted to take on this project.

    D.) Discussed creating a generic master calendar so it is clear what needs to be discussed each month at meetings (what events are coming up, etc).  Sandy will create a sample.

III.) Old Business
    A.) Family Fun Night - Received many nice compliments from students, parents and teachers on the event.  Sold 194 bags of tickets (25 each). No need to buy more tickets for next year. The Fayette County Sheriff's office did not show up for fingerprinting.  The silent auction did not get much attention in the cafe so was moved to the hallway mid-evening - was much better where it was more visible. Had a larger food profit than in the past. Possibly have chairs lined up or first row/two of bleachers pulled out on one side for parents that may want to sit down. Total profit figures still being calculated.  Suggestion of approaching East Penn (battery factory) and McDonalds in Oelwein for donations next year.

IV.) Meeting adjourned at 6:40.

Starmont PTO Meeting

February 9, 2017 @ 1800

Starmont Media Center Family Fun Night

I. Family Fun Night

    1. Food-Carrie Thole. As arranged with Bonnie Hayes items will be purchased through the concession stand.  They will provide startup money, etc.  Tentative menu is hot dogs/buns (donated), cheese pizza, breadsticks with marinara, nachos/cheese and pop.  Katie Savago has  volunteered to help.

    2. Games-Amy Roach. List of games has been set and volunteer chart created. SkyZone in Cedar Rapids has donated a family fun package to use as a prize.

    3. Police Fingerprinting- Renee Cantrell

    4. Teacher Auction Items-Renee Cantrell. Will see if Renee needs help creating signage, etc.

    5. Tickets-Bagging, date/time. 200 are done.  Stacie will complete additional 150.

    6. Local Business letter-Beth Bries. Letter was created and handed out to businesses.  A few left to drop off.  Have been receiving donations at many.

    7. Volunteers - not many people have volunteered unless directly asked.  FFN letter sent out in physical form with students to see if more people volunteer.  Need to make contact with school organizations for high schoolers.

II. Next meeting February 23, 2017 @ 6:00 Starmont Media Center.


Starmont PTO

Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2017; 6:00 pm


Members present: Sandy Klaus, Casey Wessels, Katie Bockenstedt, Meg Gelner, Beth Bries, Amy Roach and Stacie Francois.

Meeting called to order at 6:02. Previous meeting minutes were approved by Sandy and seconded by Casey.


I. Family Fun Night

       A.)Food (Carrie Thole) - Carrie was not present, will update at next meeting. Katie Savago with the Lamont Community Club has offered to volunteer .

       B.) Games (Amy Roach) - Discussed different options including: reaching for the stars, photo booth/pictures with Scott, nose pick, ducks in the pond, paddle wheel, dribble course, target shoot, face painting, ring toss, child ID, balloon art, FFA trivia game, ladder golf, gumball guess and wheel of fortune. Previous years there were around 12 so will need to cut down. Previous years there were $400 worth/1568 count of prizes given out.  Items started running out at the end of the night.

       C.) Police Fingerprinting (Renee Cantrell) - Renee has four Fayette County officers scheduled

       D.) Teacher Auction items (Renee Cantrell) - Renee has been making a list of items

       E.) Tickets - previous years had 235 bags of 25 and 125 single tickets purchased.  Will need to get tickets and baggies. Stacie offered to bag these at home.

       F.) Local Businesses letter (Beth Bries) - Beth has this done and will hand out with help of Amy and Casey.  Will need to have thank you sign at FFN.

       H.) Volunteers - Will need for: Inflatables, games, food, ticket table, tables for shoes/coats, silent auction.  Letter to go out to parents asking for volunteers.  Need to get information to school clubs asking for volunteers


II. Fundraising money counters, February 28, 2017.  Katie, Beth and Meg offered to help.

III. Next teacher of the month presentation is February 14th.

IV. Meeting adjourned at 7:05. Next meeting is February 9, 2017 at 6:00.


Starmont PTO

Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2017


  1. Called to order at 6:05.

  2. In attendance was Stacie Francois, Beth Bries, Carrie Thole, Amy Roach, Casey Wessels, Angie Vratney, Sandy Clause and Renee Cantrell.

  3. Reviewed December meeting minutes.  Carrie approved and Amy seconded.

  4. Old Business

    1. TOTM – Mr. Anstoetter was the January Teacher of the Month.  A&A Telecommunications was the sponsor.  A letter and e-mail went to parents in early January explaining TOTM and included a nomination form – it seemed there were more forms submitted from the younger classrooms as a result (this was the goal).

    2. Family Fun Night (March 3rd)

      1. Sub-committees

        1. Food – Carrie Thole will head up.

        2. Games – Amy Roach will head up.

        3. Police Fingerprinting – Renee Cantrell will head up

        4. Teacher Auction Ideas – Renee Cantrell will head up

        5. Tickets/Wrist Bands – Will do a $5 stamp for unlimited inflatables and $5 for 25 game tickets.  Each game will be one ticket.

        6. Volunteer Letter – Sandy will revamp with new dates, etc and send out.  Would like to have volunteers and donated items in by February 3rd to further plan.

        7. Local Business Support/Prizes – Letter needs to go out to businesses.  Committee members will deliver.

        8. Gambling License – Sandy said we would need to obtain one.  Carried voted that we should obtain and Casey seconded.  Sandy will complete.


  1. Treasurers Report – Amy did not receive reports so will catch up at next meeting.

  2. Fundraiser Money Counters February 27, 2017 – tabled for next meeting.

  3. Next meeting to be held on January 26, 2017 at 6:00, Starmont Media Center


VIII. Adjourned at 7:10.


Starmont PTO Meeting

December 15, 2016 @ 6:00

Starmont Media Center


  1. Meeting called to order by Beth Bries at 6:05.

  2. Sign in sheet completed by S. Francois, B. Bries, C. Thole, S. Cummer.

  3. November minutes reviewed by those present and approved.

  4. Old Business

    1. Mr. Munger was presented as TOTM for December with Rodas Chevrolet sponsoring.  The presentation went well . . . speakers helped getting the message delivered loudly and the kids were exited (they were heard that evening at an event singing S-P-T-O!). There was some confusion as to who would take a picture for the paper – Carrie will plan to do this each month. There is no assembly scheduled for January . . . we would like to keep the momentum of TOTM going.  Beth will talk to Sandy about having a quick 10-15 minute presentation in January. Clayton Drug will sponsor the next TOTM.

    2. Discussed that Donuts for Dads went well.  Reviewed items ordered and changes to make for next year.  Served approximately 350 (314 elementary kids are enrolled).  Discussed increasing the donuts per bowl from three to four or five and limiting to one bowl with a fun note on the table (some kids took seconds, thirds, fourths).

    3. Discussed Family Fun Night to be held March 3, 2017, 5:30 -8:00 (has been 8:30 in the past). Ideas came out regarding one cost to cover bounce houses and games (possibly with an arm band).  Want to keep reasonably priced yet easy to manage.  Games in the past have included nose pick, slime, ring toss, free throws, go fish, ducks in the pond, lollipop and target shot.  Would like to keep some favorites and come up with a few new games.  Carrie has talked to the teachers and they are on board with a Teacher Auction.  Would like ideas one month before to be able to advertise. Bounce house to be arranged by Sandy.  Carrie agreed to head up the food portion of the event. Will send a note home with elementary kids asking for parent volunteers as well as from high school organizations.  Will discuss FFN more at next meeting.

  5. New Business

  1. Stacie Francois agreed to assume the secretary position with no opposition.

  2. Beth was approached by a Starmont employee about hosting an event in Jan/Feb during the winter doldrums. Discussed holding a snow sculpture contest (kids complete at recess). Could be rolled out at the January TOTM assembly if approved.

VI. Treasurer Report – Amy was not able to attend – report will be given next month.

VII. Meeting adjourned at 6:50. We will hold two meetings in January to plan for FFN.  These will be held January 12, 2016 @ 6:00 and January 26, 2016 @ 6:00 both in the Starmont Elementary Media Center.



Starmont PTO Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2016

Starmont Media Center


  1. Meeting called to oder by Beth Bries at 1805

  2. Sign In Sheet completed by C. Wessels, B. Bries, A. Roach, S. Fracois, R. Cantrell, S. Klaus

  3. October minutes reviewed by those present and approved

IV. Old Buisness

A. TOTM report given by B. Bries improvements on communication will be made for better flow of future TOTM presentations. A. Roach will bring the amp for future presentations. C. Thole has arranged Rodas Chevrolet as the December sponsor for TOTM which will take place on December 7, 2016 @ 0830 in the elementary gym The theme for the December assembly will be trustworthiness.

B. Grandparent/Special Guest day report given with approximately 700 meals served. The flow of events went well and the Friday, early dismissal day was preferred.

C. Donuts with Dad will take place on November 18, 2016. S. Francois has arranged for four volunteers to assist with donut/drink preparation on the morning of Donuts with Dad. Volunteers from Citizens State Bank will assist with serving and Joel’s Tractor Auction, John Compton, Keppler Landscaping and Little Bit of Country Stoves area sponsoring the event. Thank you for your hard work Stacie.

D. Family Fun Night will be held March 3, 2017. Discussion was held regarding games, activities and food to be provided. Ideas for FFN are bounce houses, fingerprinting by police department, games such as nose pick, ring toss, free throws, go fish, duck in the pond, lollipop and target shot were suggested. Sub committees will be formed at next meeting in preparation of FFN.

V. New Business

A. Treasurers Report given by A. Roach, no changes.

B. The open position of SPTO secretary was discussed. None of those in attendance volunteered for the position or that of president. The open position will be added to the December meeting agenda.

VI. Meeting adjourned at 1853 with the next meeting of the SPTO to be held on December 15, 2016 @ 1900 Starmont Elementary Media Center


It is the mission of the Starmont PTO to foster a sense of community between home and school.


Starmont PTO Meeting Minutes

October 20, 2016 @1800

Mrs. Cantrell’s Room


  1. Meeting was called to order by President Beth Bries

  2. Sign In sheet completed

  3. September meeting minutes reviewed by all present and motion made by Stacie Francios to approved, second by Casey Wessels

  4. Old Business

  1. SPTO Theme Song/Assembly response-discussion held and it was determined by those present that each month a community business/organization would be asked to sponsor the Teacher of the Month (TOTM) and provide their classroom with a special surprise. Carrie Thole will work on the sponsor for the December recipient. The PTO is encouraging businesses/organization in an effort to uphold their mission statement. Overall response to the TOTM was great with 65 responses in November. A thank you card will be given to Mrs. Sweet and Shannon Everett as a thank you.

  2. SPTO Theme Song-It was decided by those present to not record our own theme song, rather use the YMCA song and put efforts into improving our dance moves.

  3. Grandparents Day-Discussion was held by those present to re-name Grandparents Day to Special Guest day as some children have Grandparents who are unable to attend. Also, activities during Grandparents day for next year, such as more interaction with children during their “normal” school day or a special activity.

  4. SPTO T-shirts were ordered by those present who wished to have one and volunteers at events will be identified with an SPTO sticker badge.

V. New Business

    A. Back to School Supply kits were proposed by Beth Bries however in the past this has not been well received.

    B. Bries also proposed honoring high school seniors. It was advised to check with Suzy Hamlett or Janet Zitelman as not to duplicate an activity or award.

    C. Discussion was held on changing the meeting date/time to increase attendance. Those present stated the current meeting date/time was best and opted not to make any changes at this time.

    D. Family Fun Night-It was discussed to auction fun activities or special days with teachers vs. baskets this year. Carrie Thole will present this idea at the next staff meeting.

    E. Meg Gelner and Stacie Francios will head up Donuts with Dads which will take place on November 18, 2016 @ 0700-0800. They will utilize the same process as last year with volunteers to arrive at 0600 to prep donuts and drinks. Donuts, coffee and juice will be served. A thermos can be obtained from Joei Haynes or Mrs. Cantrell for drinks.

VII. Meeting adjourned first by Carrie Thole, second by Meg Gelner


Meeting Minutes for Starmont PTO

September 8, 2016 @ 1800

Starmont Media Center


  1. Call to Order by B. Bries

  2. Attendance taken by Sign In Sheet-Those in Attendance:

    1. S. Klaus, C. Thole, M. Gelner, C. Wessels, S. Francois, A. Taylor, A. Roach, B. Bries, T. Corbin

III. Review of Meeting Minutes from August, motion to approve by S. Klaus, second by C. Wessels, unanimously approved

IV. Old Business

A. Ice Cream Social Review/Thank You- C. Thole reported that approximately 400 cups of ice cream were made for Starmont families to create sundaes. More styrofoam cups will be needed for next year. Ice Cream Social supplies will be placed in a tote labeled Starmont PTO for use in the future. Great job Carrie! Discussion held as to how to identify PTO team members at events. It was decided that Terra and Amy will work with Rivals or Kay to design a PTO t-shirt.

B. Room Parent Update- Stacie Francois- Stacie was provided a list of room parent volunteers and worked at ensuring each room had a room parent representative.  S. Klaus suggested Room Parent (paper) folders vs binders as few binders are returned at the end of the year. All present are in agreement this would be a better idea for Room Parent information and less costly. M. Gelner will help S. Francois as needed with Room Parent responsibilities. Room Parent books will be revised and updated if needed.  

C. School Board Meeting Agenda-B. Bries and C. Wessels will attend meeting on September 12, 2016 representing the Starmont PTO. School Board will be updated on Officers, Mission Statement revision, PTO Calendar and Teacher of the Month


D. Teacher of the Month

1. Nomination Forms created by Mrs. Klaus and unanimously approved.

2. Nominations deadline for Teacher of the Month will be the 20th of the preceding month

3. A. Roach and B. Bries will work together to tally votes

4. M. Gelner will work on a nomination box to be placed in the elementary school office

5. C. Thole is creating a traveling trophy

6. The SPTO theme song is in the process of creation. SPTO posters to hold up during song will be created by B. Bries. The PTO plans to attend the October elementary assembly with first award presentation at the November 2016 elementary assembly. Mrs. Klaus suggested Josh Brown if assistance needed with song or background music.

E. New Student Phone Calls- M. Gelner and C. Thole report they are going well and those they speak to are receptive to the SPTO.

F. Tresurer Report-A. Roach received an invoice for a Starmont Insurance policy that she will forward to Laura.

V. New Business

A. Grandparents Day-October 21, 2016- B. Bries, M. Gelner, A. Taylor volunteer to assist with lunch money collection and should arrive at the elementary office at 1015 that morning.

B. Elementary Building presented by Mrs. Klaus-TLC comprised of Starmont, East Buchanan, Central and West Central. Information will be presented at the Elementary Parent Meeting to be held on September 26, 2016 @ 1745. Those able to assist with the meal during the Elementary Parent Meeting should arrive at 1745 and represent SPTO.

C. Back to School Supply Kits-Tabled for next meeting due to time

D. High School/Senior Ideas-Table for next meeting due to time

VI. Meeting adjourned at 1915


Starmont PTO Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2016 @ 1800

Starmont K-12 Media Center


I. Meeting was called to order by Sandy Klaus at 1800.

II. Members present included Carrie Thole, Meg Gelner, Sandy Klaus, Casey Wessels, Stacie Francois, Amy Roach and Beth Bries.

III. June minutes were approved unanimously.

IV. Ice Cream Social update

    a. Ice cream machine details discussed.

    b. Donors were announced.

        i. Smith Insurance

        ii. Farmers Savings Bank

        iii. CSB

        iv. Common Grounds.

    c. Announcement in newspapers and on information boards in surrounding communities.

V. Room Parents- Stacie Francois created and produced attention getters to be placed on tables at Open house.

VI. PTO information flyer, created by Amy Roach, was reviewed and approved by all present.

VII. New student phone call names were divided between Carrie Thole and Meg Gelner.

VIII. Next Board of Education Meeting

    a. Will be held Monday, September 12, 2016 at 6:30 in high school conference room.

b. Beth Bries will be in attendance to discuss PTO Mission Statement and the Teacher of the month appreciation program.

IX. Teacher of the Month

    a. Traveling trophy

    b. Student nomination form was created by Sandy Klaus.  Information regarding this will also be in her newsletter.

    c. First teacher will be honored in October.

X. PTO will be introduced at the September Assembly.

XI. Meeting adjourned at 1900.


Next PTO meeting will be held on September 8, 2016 in the K-12 Media Center. Be there or be square.


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