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Student Registration

Dear Parents –


Below you will find two packets for registration.  The first packet is an informational packet.  Please read through all the forms and let us know if you have any questions.  This packet also contains the free and reduced lunch form and the dental screening form.  The dental screening form is only for children going into Junior Kindergarten or Kindergarten and 9th graders.  It is also needed for any student transferring into the district.

The second packet contains the forms that need to be filled out and returned to us on registration day.  The forms have been set up electronically so they may be filled out on the computer.  In order to fill out the forms, click on the highlighted area and type in the information needed.  Press the tab button to move to the next area.

If you are registering more than one child, you can simply change the child’s name on the first form and it will change the name on all forms. 

When you have finished filling out the forms, you can print them out and bring them with you on registration day.  All forms that require a signature will need to be signed.

The following are instructions when filling out each form:

1.  Parental Permission – needs to be filled out by everyone.  One form per family.

2.  Physical Activity Contract – 6th-12th graders need to fill out.

3.  Human Growth & Development Curriculum – only fill out if you want your child to opt out

            this portion of the human growth & development curriculum.

4.  Iowa Youth Survey & Starmont Relationship Survey – If you want your child to opt out of

            taking these surveys, please notify the school.  If you want to review the survey before

            your child takes it, please fill out this form. 

5.  Student Use of District Computer – needs to be filled out by every student.

6.  Emergency Contact Information – needs to be filled out by every student.

7.  Student Fee Waiver Form – fill out one per household.

8.  Mass Text – needs to be filled out by every student who rides the bus.

9.  Self-Administration of Asthma Medication – only needs to be filled out by parents of students

            that have asthma.

10.  Administration of Medication – only needs to be filled out by parents of students that take

            medication at school.

11.  Starmont Booster/SMA Form – please fill out if you wish to donate to the Booster and SMA.

If you have any questions, please call Cristen Bockenstedt at 563-933-4598.

Registration Information

Registration Forms

Appropriate Use of Computers, Computer Network Systems, and the Internet-Code No. 502.11


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