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Supply Lists

2016 – 17 Starmont High School  Supply List

Mathematics Classes

Concept. Algebra A, Algebra I, Conceptual Alg. B

Multi-subject notebook or 3 ring binder,

Pencils, red pen, and calculator optional

Geometry I,  Practical Geometry

Multi-subject notebook or 3 ring binder, pencils


Scientific calculator


Notebook or 3 ring binder,


Graphing Calculator (Strongly encouraged)


Science Classes:

Physical Science (all freshman):

3 ring binder and loose leaf paper

Calculator, Pencils, Red Pen

Chemistry I:

3-ring binder and loose leaf paper

Pencils, Red Pens, Dry Erase Markers



3 ring binder with loose leaf paper,

Blue or black pens and pencils


3 ring binder and loose leaf paper

Notebook and colored pencils

Biology  (all sophomores):

3 ring binder and loose leaf paper

Black and red ink pen


3 ring binder with loose leaf paper

Pencils and Red Pens

Calculators  (Recommend T.83 or Bigger)


Agriculture Classes:

Agri-Science I & Agri-Science II:

3-ring binder, notebooks, pens, pencils, Note cards


2 pocket folder, ruler, and pencils

Natural Resource:

3-ring binder, notebooks, pens, and pencils

FFA:  Career Leadership Develop…

Folder, 3 ring binder, highlighter, notebook, pencil, pens

Farm Business Management:

2 – 3” 3 ring binder with pocket folders and dividers,

Notebook, highlighter, calculator, and pencils.


Social Studies


Notebook, folder, and book cover

Contemporary Affairs & World History:

Notebook  and folder

U.S. History and Government:

Notebook, folder, and red pen.


Language Arts Classes

English 9 – 12:

2” three-ring binder with loose leaf paper,

Dividers for five sections within binder,

2 red pens, black/blue pens,

#2 pencils, highlighters, colored pencils, glue

(11th/12th Eng.  Classes will also need 5 pkgs. Of  3x5 lined index cards.)

2nd Chance Reading:

2” Binder  (3-ring)


Business Classes:

Records In Business I and II:

Calculator and mechanical pencils


Calculator and mechanical pencils

Financial Literacy:



Consumer Science Classes

Wellness II:

1 – 1 ½” 3 ring binder

Family & Consumer Science:

Folder, pencils, and pens

Foods I:

Any size box of food safe zip-lock bag

Package of paper plates


Mrs. Hamlett’s Classes:

3 reams of paper, 3 inch binder,

1 package of dividers, 4 boxes Kleenex


Miscellaneous Classes

Drawing and Painting Classes:


Paintbrushes  (Painting)

Bottled Elmer Glue

Clear Roll of Tape

Digital Photography:

Digital Camera

Industrial Tech:

Safety goggles will be sold the first week of class - $3.00

Notebook, pencil, and pen

Spanish I, II, III, & IV:

3 Ring binder (2 inches or more) and loose leaf paper

Or divided notebook with folders, note cards – 200

Pencils, red pens, and white board marker

Beginner and Advanced Guitar classes:

Pencils and 1 binder


Suggested Donations:  (9-12 students)

Please bring  (3) boxes of Kleenex,  (1) package of disinfectant wipes, and (1) ream of paper  to the MS/HS Office.


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