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Middle School

Mission Statement

As a community of learners teachers, support staff, parents and administration work together to provide a safe, learning environment that meets the unique needs and abilities of each student.  This environment is built on structure, trust, caring, respect, and fairness.  As a building we are dedicated to high expectations, academic success, athletic and fine arts exploration, and outstanding citizenship.





Principal: Jason Yessak
Phone: 563-933-2218

Starmont Middle School provides classrooms for sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.  Classes include: Family and Consumer Science, Industrial Arts, Vocational Agriculture, Art, Social Studies, Technology, Careers, Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science, Instrumental Music, and Vocal Music.

Extra curricular activities at the middle school include: Student Government, Band, Choir, FFA, Sports- track, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, footbal. You can also be a part of the Middle School Play.

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