July 2016 - Starmont Community School District

July 2016


Starmont PTO Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2016 @ 1800

Starmont K-12 Media Center


  1. Meeting was called to order by Beth Bries at 1800

  2. Sign in sheet shows Sandy Klaus, Casey Wessels, Carrie Thole, Meg Gelner, Angie Vratney in attendance

  3. Motion to approve previous meeting minutes along with proposed July PTO Agenda by Mrs . Klaus, seconded by Casey Wessels, approved unanimous by those present.

  4. Old Business

    1. PTO Brochure- ? Amy Roach-Beth Bries will e-mail Amy regarding this

    2. Stacie Francois submitted a proposed Room Parent sign, unanimously approved with minor changes, by those present.

    3. Room Parent Brochure-Amy Roach (absent,) no update given-Beth Bries will contact Amy regarding this

    D. Open House Picnic-Carrie Thole proposed two ideas:

1. Traditional Hot Dogs, burgers, etc

2. Dessert Bar/Build your own Sundaes-Unanimously approved, by those present. Carrie states she will try and recruit FFA students/sponsor to help with ice cream machines and will seek donations for desserts/sundae toppings.

    E. Mrs Klaus announced that there will be new play ground equipment installed on July 30, 2016 from 0800-1600 and asked for volunteers with metric tools to please come and assist with playground construction.

V. Mission Statement Suggestion by Beth Bries “ It is the mission of the Starmont PTO to foster a sense of community between home and school.” unanimously approved by those in attendance. Beth Bries suggested that the remainder of the current Starmont PTO mission statement function as the new Starmont PTO vision, agreed by those in

attendance. Beth Bries states the revision, if needed, of current PTO Bi-Laws may be an on going project throughout the year, agreed by those present.

Meg Gelner offered to assist Beth Brase with display case, if needed, Beth Bries will e-mail Beth Brase regarding this.

VI. New Business

A. Board of Education Meetings PTO Representative-The Starmont Board of Education is requesting that bi-yearly a Starmont PTO representative attend their meeting with an update regarding the Starmont PTO. Beth Bries will attend the meeting on September 12, 2016.

B. Teacher of the Month-It was discussed that the Starmont PTO should honor a different teacher each month. The teacher would be nominated, by vote, by students and then honored at the monthly assembly by the PTO. Ideas of flowers, balloons and traveling trophy were suggested and additional brainstorming requested for discussing and voting at next months meeting. The goal of this is to recognize a teacher while representing the PTO at an assembly in a fun manner.

C. The Starmont PTO would like to attend the monthly assembly head at school to create a greater awareness of the PTO and it’s function at Starmont. Goal is to attend the September assembly and continue monthly from there on.

D. New Student Phone calls-Meg Gelner & Carrie Thole. Meg and Carrie will contact each new students family at the beginning of the year to assist them in the transition to Starmont School and facilitate connection with Room Parents and remind them of the Open House Picnic. List of new students will be provided to Meg & Carrie by Mrs. Klaus.

VII. Motion to adjourn by Carrie Thole, seconded by Casey Wessels. Meeting of the Starmont PTO adjourned at 1900 on July 11, 2016.

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